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Additional Resources

Canadian System of Soil Classification Handbook:
An in-depth information booklet (1998 edition) on the various soils found within Canada and what comprises the different soil horizons.
Synchrotron-Based Techniques in Soils and Sediments:
Developments in Soil Science Volume 34 (Textbook), 2006, Edited by Balwant Singh & Markus Grafe, Published by Elsevier
A textbook that covers the chemistry, physics, and mineralogy of soils and sediments analyzed using synchrotron-based research techniques. Similar techniques will be used when analyzing your soil at the Canadian Light Source. See Module 6 for more information on this!


Bastedo, J., James-Abra, E., & Barrett, D. (2017). Canadian shield. Retrieved from
National Research Council of Canada. (1998). The Canadian system of soil classification (3rd ed.). Ottawa: Research Branch, Canada Dept. of Agriculture.

Section 3.3: The Nutrient Web
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